Meet Erin Emery

Not Just Any Ordinary Realtor

Erin is not just any ordinary realtor. As Head of the Pre-Sales Department with Stella Price Group, Erin skillfully leads a networking team ( SEERA Networks) of over 700 members. This powerful leadership role allows Erin to work closely with Vancouver’s top developers to negotiate the best pre-sale investments in the region for her team’s clients. With a deep-seated knowledge of her industry, coupled with an incomparable drive for getting the job done efficiently-- and beyond expectation-- Erin has made it her life mission to ensure that her clients actualize-- if not exceed-- their real estate goals.

As a dog lover and a family-oriented person, Erin takes pleasure in surrounding herself with loved ones. She is often described as out-going and friendly, with a caring heart that seeks to help others. Erin plays an active role in her community, serving as Block Watch Captain and a long-time Strata Council member. These leadership qualities also inspire Erin’s life work. Before the days of real estate Erin worked in the Vancouver film industry. For years Erin worked in the costume department. Working on movies, commercials and t.v shows. Erin met her husband on a film set called 2012. As the dynamics changed in Erin’s life with having children, she thought it would be best for her to work together with her mother in the family business. After all she did grow up in a house of real estate so it only come naturally for Erin to excel.

Erin the  Managing Partner for Stella Price Group. Born and raised in British Columbia, and living in the Greater Vancouver Area for oalmost 40 years, Erin has developed firsthand knowledge of the region, establishing a healthy foundation for her thriving career in real estate. Growing up in a highly driven real estate family that knows the dedication necessary to be successful, it is only natural that Erin has chosen to channel her proficient sales, marketing and interpersonal skills towards carving out her own niche within the Lower Mainland Realty industry. Working closely alongside Stella for 10 years now, Erin has developed an acute understanding of the real estate process from an insider's perspective. Thanks to Stella's mentoring, Erin knows every aspect of the business, and with extensive experience in both presales and resales transactions, she has become the leader of our Team's Presales and New Development Projects. With Stella's continual support, Erin is in training to become the new face of Stella Price Group. Erin's ardent determination, business expertise, and commitment to outstanding customer care make her the ideal businesswoman to carry on Stella's legacy. Together, Stella and Erin Price form a dynamic Mother-Daughter duo, collaborating their energies to practice the Fine Art of Real Estate.

Why Work With Us?

Stella Price. Do I need to say more? Our team is a collective group of agents who work together as a close-knit family, driven by the shared principles of trust, loyalty and integrity. We work collaboratively to ensure our clients are offered the most powerful purchasing potential in the real estate market. Stella has developed long-standing relationships with numerous developers and marketing companies across the region, and it is through their many years of trust and friendship that Stella has gained special privileges to share with our clients. From exclusive presales offers, to first access and other purchase incentives, our clients are given powerful opportunities to invest in some of most desired presales developments across the lower mainland and beyond. In fact, we are extending our reach across Canada and the U.S.A. to further expand your investment potential. Our team’s purchasing power is unlike any other real estate team. We may not be visible on every sign, bus bench, Facebook or Instagram story, but our presence sure is felt when it comes to investing in the region’s most coveted property developments. We have more access than any other team in the region. We are eager to share this privilege with you, our respected client.We think of our clients as extended family. As such, fulfilling your investment goals is our top priority, and as members of our extended family, you are always treated with the utmost respect. We are dedicated to guiding our clients through current market trends, advising you on the most lucrative presale opportunities, all in the name of helping you make the most profitable decision.

Why Use a Realtor®?

We can help you gain access to the most in-demand presale projects before they are released to the public.

We equip you with a wealth of insider knowledge about each development project. We have access to MLS, which allows us to compare both presales and resales properties to be informed on what constitutes a fair price. We understand how to read a building plan, which helps you to better visualize unit layouts/features and make an informed decision.

We have a solid understanding of the surrounding neighbourhood and potential new developments that may restrict your views later on and cause traffic congestion. We ask the right questions to the developer that many might not think to ask. We will negotiate the agreement for you, and skillfully navigate you through the process for a seamless purchase experience.

We are loyal to our clients, and we avoid conflicts of interest, fully disclose relevant information and protect your confidentiality.

How We Support Our Sellers?

The Stella Price Team provides the very best service for all of your real estate needs. We are confident, reliable, trustworthy and efficient, proudly serving our clients and potential buyers in 8 languages.

During our initial visit to your home, we will assess the value of your home, taking into consideration any renovations or upgrades that will add worth to your home. We will show you recent sales in your area and/or building, comparing all variables to arrive at a strong selling price.

With an entire marketing department dedicated to promoting your home, our multi-pronged marketing system makes the difference in selling your home for top dollar. We provide a professional photographer who skillfully captures the pure essence of your home. These photos are then used to showcase your home in print and digital forms, on both a regional and an international stage. We mail out our real estate Quarterly, an 8 page “Real Estate Update” flyer showcasing our current listings, along with postcards featuring sold homes. We also provide feature sheets and brochures to capture the extraordinary details of your home. These are shared on Social Media via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MLS,, Stella Price Group Website, team members’ personal websites and their personal social media connections, all with the aim of reaching a vast audience, both locally and overseas.

Once your home is listed, we are available 24/7 for you, replying promptly to all calls, emails and showing requests. We keep you up-to-date on the current market conditions and what is selling in your neighborhood , and we provide weekly feedback on all showings and open houses via email and/or personal phone calls.

We will be there for you every step of the way to help you reach, if not exceed, your investment goals.